Giant Angora Rabbits

With their luxurious long fiber coats and gentle personalities, our Giant Angoras are the epitome of elegance.

Giant Angora rabbits boast the softest fiber among all breeds. Their abundant fiber harvest makes them highly sought-after by fiber enthusiasts, hand spinners, and artisans, with each rabbit producing 2+ pounds of fiber per year. Experience the unmatched softness, warmth, and versatility of Giant Angora fiber for your crafting projects. While Ruby-Eyed White (REW) is the only color recongized and showable in the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), many other colors of Giants are prized by hand spinners, and we offer a variety of these colors on our farm.

Discover the magic of Giant Angora rabbits and bring extraordinary fiber and companionship into your life. Find the perfect rabbit that captivates your heart and inspires your creativity. Visit our farm today and start your journey with these remarkable animals.

Immerse yourself in the world of Giant Angora rabbits, where softness meets elegance. Contact us now about currently available rabbits or for information on future litters.


Currently Available:

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 Chestnut Doe DOB 5/19/23


Reserved - Black Doe DOB 5/19/23


Chocolate Agouti Buck DOB 5/19/23


Tort Buck DOB 5/19/23



Smutty Fawn Buck DOB 11/10/22