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Cedar Hill Fiber Farm

Hand Woven Wool Scarf

Hand Woven Wool Scarf

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This hand-woven scarf, crafted from the wool of Walter, a CVM Romeldale sheep, exudes a unique charm and warmth. Measuring 45 inches in length and 12.5 inches in width, excluding the fringe, it's the perfect size for cozy, stylish wrapping. The scarf showcases the natural gray tones of Walter's wool, providing an earthy, organic base. This natural gray is complemented by striking accents of hand-dyed mulberry-colored wool, creating a beautiful contrast. The mulberry sections add a pop of rich, deep color, reminiscent of ripe berries, which elegantly highlights the scarf's texture and weaving pattern.

- 45" x 12.5" excluding fringe

- 100% Hand dyed and natural colored CVM wool

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